Training Mission Statement

The mission of the RMHIDTA Training Program is to provide federal, state, and local drug enforcement officers with FREE high-level; professional training courses. Training is viewed as the driving force that empowers drug and law enforcement officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to be safe and effective in the field. In furtherance, training is the fundamental educational mechanism that helps officers understand the enormity of the drug problem beyond the local and regional level of enforcement to the national and international level. Training is facilitated in pursuit of the goals and objectives of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and Rocky Mountain HIDTA. The Training Program acts as a coordinator and clearinghouse for other training providers within the Rocky Mountain HIDTA region.

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with our website. Information provided below will better assist you accessing RMHIDTA training opportunities.

The following classes are considered core RMHIDTA training courses that are taught every year. We also bring in outside training for additional necessary topics. If you click on the classes below, you will be able to view each course description and syllabus if applicable.

- Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification (40 hours)

Clandestine Laboratory Safety Recertification (8 hours)

- DEA/RMHIDTA Basic Drug Investigators School (40 hours)

- Drug ID & Symptomology (16 hours)

- Electronic Surveillance (16 hours)  

- Advanced Electronic Surveillance (16 hours)  

- Gangs I  ( 24 hours)

- LEO Survival Spanish I (40 hours)

- LEO Survival Spanish II (40 hours)

To see all the classes scheduled for 2017,
click here.

Online Training by Rocky Mountain HIDTA (RMHIDTA) and Instruq: To better serve you and the RMHIDTA area, online courses are being made available to you by agreement between RMHIDTA and Instruq, a leading provider of online training for law enforcement.

Online training will be provided as “on demand”.

"On demand" classes will allow you receive training over the internet at your pace and when it best fits your schedule with in the designated time period. If you click on the classes below, you will be able to view each course description and syllabus if applicable. 

Accepting applications now!

Dark Web for Law Enforcement (4 hours) Apply here!

Leading High Adventure Assignments (4 hours) Apply here!

Important note:
In order to take one of the courses listed above, you must be a registered member of Instruq and apply through RMHIDTA's training website. If you are selected to be sponsored by RMHIDTA to take the course, you will receive an email with a code to purchase the training at no cost.

Click the Instruq Course Help Page for more information about the process of taking RMHIDTA sponsored courses through Instruq.



  • If you must withdraw from a course, please refer to your confirmation email and click the "Cancel Registration" link at the bottom of the page, or call RMHIDTA at: 303-671-2180 (72) hrs prior to the the start of the class. 

  • Check the training website frequently to verify dates and location of training events, as changes sometimes occur.

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    The RMHIDTA Training program is offered through the Office of National Drug Control Policy

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